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Giovanni Carleschi

Organic dry pasta made with British stoneground flour from ancient wheat varieties (Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn).

Leona & Richard Kane

Artisan rapeseed oil made in Limvady, Northern Ireland. Arguably the purest cold-pressed rapeseed oil in the UK, grown and produced in the beautiful countryside of Broglasco in Limavady, Northern Ireland

Davide Armentaro

Aromatic black summer truffle foraged on Davide's land in Southern Tuscany. He grates it with corn oil (olive oil taints the flavour) and salt. It is 95% ground black truffle with no artificial flavours or gluten.

The Farmers Market in the palm of your hand

Cultisan wants to create the world's greatest virtual farmers market. We've started by curating the UK's largest directory of farmers and makers to make it convenient for you to explore and discover the best local producers near you wherever you are. Free for everyone.

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Come on a food adventure : COMING SOON

To really understand the local food economy you need to meet the people behind it. Journey with us across Europe and meet & eat with some of the world's best farmers and makers, and the chefs who love them. Learn about what it takes to make the best food & wine.

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Cultisan is curated by those who know. The chefs - and the sommeliers. We care passionately about only working with the best people, who make the best things, and for that we feel you need to listen to the experts.

Stories to tell

Learn more about the people we work with and our purpose

Why do we exist?

Cultisan is driven by a deep belief that it is possible to provide convenience to people without resorting to factory farming or the industrialisation of food and wine. It's not easy, which is why it hasn't been done, but it is possible,


Eat local, globally and unearth the stories of the lives of the greatest people farming & making the best food & drink in the world.


Eat local, globally and discover the truth about what is in the food we eat and why we need to support the best makers & sustainable regenerative farming with the highest ethical standards. It tastes better.

free for farmers, makers & chefs

Cultisan will never charges a farmer, maker or chef to be part of our platform - sadly many organisations claiming to be a voice for the best farmers and makers in the world can't say this.

It doesn't make sense to us to charge the people you want to help, our principle will always be if you want to help someone, put more money in their pockets. 

We have a truly open, independent and incorruptible platform and we choose who we work with based on the quality of what they do, without favour or preference.

We simply work with the best people making the best products.


The reason we exist. Inspire & enable the world to eat local, globally creating a new, fair, global food economy. Better for the consumer, better for the farmer and maker.

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Meet the team

Say hello to some, but not all, of the people coming together to try and create fairer commercial global food economy

jason hartley

Originally from the north of England, Founder & CEO Jason is one of Europe's leading brand thinkers turned award winning chef and restauranteur in Amsterdam and now a food campaigner and entrepreneur based in Slovenia. Jason has been cultivating the vision of Cultisan for 5 years.

Jean Perarnaud

Co-Founder & COO Jean's career in private equity and finance provides the foundation for creating a strong operational business. However, a childhood in Bordeaux means a strong love for Cultisan's purpose. Jean and Jason have been friends since 2003 and share a love of fine wine and more fine wine. Jean is based predominantly in Boulder, Colorado.

Fede lubrani

Fede is a Roman living in Glasgow via Barcelona. Food and culture runs through Fede's veins, he is on the board of Slow Food in Scotland and lectures on food heritage. This background makes Fede the perfert person to head up Cultisan's discovery of new farmers, makers and chefs to work with across Italy, the U.K and Spain.

Valerija SuŠnik

Valerija is passionate about inspiring people to discover the unseen gems. A background in service and hospitality in California and Slovenia provides a passion for the customer and a love of where she is from. This makes her perferct for heading up Cultisan's customer support and the discovery of new farmers, makers and chefs to collaborate with across The Balkans.

Jan Demaria

Jan is one of Slovenia's leading cocktail barmen, which makes him very popular around 5pm every Friday. He has a deep love of craft spirits and food from his Slovenian and Croatian roots. As Cultisan's Head of Retail he coordinates all of the flow of our wonderful produce from maker to customer across Europe.

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